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Public Speaking Classes

Public speaking classes in London


Are you afraid of speaking in public? Our public speaking classes can help you overcome your fears and enable you to speak confidently in front of a large audience. 

This course will help you to develop the skills required to deliver a message clearly to an audience of any size. You will learn to manage every aspect of your speeches, how to structure content and prepare your voice and body to support your message whilst on stage.

We will help you to build the confidence to speak with personality and leave with practical strategies to aid further development. Bringing benefits to you both personally and professionally.


Benefits of the course:

  • Learn how to manage nerves when delivering a speech.
  • Learn how to speak with greater vocal clarity in order to create a bigger impact.
  • Connect with your audience on a more personal level to increase engagement with your topic.
  • Feel confident to go off script, respond to questions and think on your feet.


Public Speaking Training Content:


  • Structure powerful presentations that use narrative techniques to increase engagement.
  • Learn communication skills used by performers to engage with audiences.
  • Develop your own communication style and personality.
  • Learn vocal exercises to modulate your speech.
  • Learn to use your body language to connect with your audience.
  • Practice delivering speeches in a safe and encouraging environment.
  • Analyse your progress by receiving tailored feedback.

Attila Kent


Attila trained at the City Lit in London and went on to perform on the fringe in London and Edinburgh. He had parts on TV for the BBC and Channel 4 as well as extra work for a number of films. Having returned to university to study counseling, his aim is to use the skills he learned as an actor on stage and in classes to help others develop the abilities needed to build their confidence. As he did when he ran a workshop for Whittards of Covent Garden.


Course Fees, Dates & Location:

MONDAYS: 7pm – 8.30pm

23rd April – 4th June 2018, excluding 7th May & 28th May (5 weeks)
The Courtyard Theatre, 40 Pitfield St, London N1 6EU

To guarantee a place a deposit of £20 needs to be paid. Full fees for the first course due by 20th April.