Stage & the City after work performing arts classes in London

Learn how to dance, sing & act with Stage & the City!


Stage & the City is the adult branch of the award-winning Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School. The school offers a wide range of after work performing arts classes for adults that wish to have fun as well as learn new skills for career or personal development.


Screen acting classes
Screen Acting Classes
A practical introduction to acting for screen.
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Stage & the City Musical Theatre Company
Musical Theatre Company
Improve your musical theatre skills and take part in productions.
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Musical Theatre for Beginners Classes London
Musical Theatre Beginners
Develop your singing, dance & acting techniques with musical theatre.
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Musical theatre classes absolute beginners
Musical Theatre Absolute Beginners
A practicla introduction to Musical Theatre.
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Diva Dance class
Diva / Commercial Dance Classes
Learn how to strut your stuff like a true diva.
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Dance Company - advanced dance classes in London
Dance Company
Gain confidence and learn how to express yourself through dance.
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Contemporary dance classes London
Contemporary Dance
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Comedy acting classes
Comedy Acting & Writing Classes
Explore the fundamentals of comedy acting in a fun and supportive atmosphere.
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London singing classes
City Singers Classes
Develop your vocal range and learn how to control your voice.
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Ballet classes for beginners
Ballet for Beginners
Improve your posture and flexibility with our beginners ballet classes.
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Acting classes
Acting for Showcase
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Acting classes
Acting for Intermediates Classes
Acting classes for those who already have basic acting experience
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acting classes London
Acting for Beginners Classes
A practical introduction to acting in a fun and supportive environment.
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