Acting for TV/Film-Playing the Villain vs Hero


Wednesdays 7pm-9pm
23rd September-25th November (10 weeks)
£293 or £234 with Early Bird discount (ends 7th September)
Courtyard Theatre The Courtyard Theatre, 40 Pitfield St, London N1 6EU
SHAUN BLANEY Since graduating from a drama degree from Queen’s University Belfast, Shaun has worked as a professional actor in Ireland and the UK for eleven years in a career spanning theatre, film, television and radio. Shaun is a deviser and collaborator in front of and behind camera. In 2015 he co-created crime-drama series Farr, with writer/director Aidan Largey, which premiered on the international RTE player. To date Farr has won five international awards from major web-pilot festivals in Europe and America, including Best Drama at Series fest Colorado and ITV fest Denvir, and two Best Actor awards for Shaun’s performance of the character Michael Gallagher. Farr is currently in development for a major series release. Shaun is a writer and director. His short film Trespasses was awarded funding from Northern Ireland Screen and later premiered at the Belfast film festival.Television credits include Farr (RTE), Game of Thrones (HBO), The Frankenstein Chronicles (ITVencore), The Lodge (The Disney Channel), Betrayal of Trust (BBCNI) and Dani’s Castle (CBBC). Film credits include Halo:Nightfall (Scottfree), The Butchering (What’s Next films), Made in Belfast (KGB), The Monday Club (Stay Beautiful), One New Friend (Derry Playhouse), Empire State (Fortune and Glory), Two little boys (NI Screen), Waiting Game (What’s Next), Same Again (Fortune and Glory), and Time and Again (NI Screen). Most recently he has been performing the UK premiere of Ana Nogueira’s Empathitrax at the Karamel Club, London and performing the lead role in Tinderbox theatre company’s The Man who fell to Pieces in The MAC, Belfast.

10 Week Course – Only 12 places! 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No….it’s our next exciting face to face Acting for TV & Film course!

People love a good baddie and a flawed superhero. Film and television throughout the years is brimming with incredible villainous and captivating performances from amazing actors. From Hanibal Lecter to Thanos, a good villain makes a movie worth re-watching. From Wonder Woman to Bat Man, a good superhero presents strength without sacrificing compassion. Villains challenge the hero, create the drama and say all the best lines. It’s no surprise that 2 different Jokers have taken home Oscar gold! Super heroes make us all want to be better people and stand up for what is right.

In this term’s screen acting class we will be looking at classic villains and heroes from movies and television, and performing their best scenes. We’ll investigate what makes these characters great, looking at character motivation and on-screen performance techniques and set up to create our own versions of these iconic scenes. First and foremost this class is about enjoyment and freeing you as an actor so you can climb into the shoes of some of cinema and televisions most iconic characters!

There are many disciplines in the world of acting. Among the most challenging and yet rewarding is that of acting on screen. Acting in front of a lens, is a polar shift from treading the boards. The intensity and pressure to perform can feel overwhelming.

“The quality of your acting is dependent on the strength of your listening.” (Alan Rickman).


Course Content:

  • Learn the fundamentals of screen acting; naturalistic performance, sight-lines, finding your mark, on camera performance techniques.
  • Engage in exercises specially designed to ‘free’ the actor for performance.
  • Learn how to prepare a scene; getting off book quickly, making strong character decisions, understanding story structure and completing a scene.
  • The art of acting as reacting; listening and engaging with your scene partner.
  • Rehearse and deliver a performance with your scene partner and receive feedback.
  • A fun, no-stress approach to acting on screen. It’s all about enjoyment. Find your inner actor and make new friends.


This course will take place on Wednesday 7pm – 9pm, 23rd September – 25th November. ALL profits from this course will go towards Saving the Anna Fiorentini Kids Charity Theatre School.