Screen Acting Workshop London

Acting for TV and Film

  • Screen acting classes
Wednesdays: 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm
13 May - 15 July (10 weeks)

Shaun has worked as a professional actor for eleven years in a career spanning theatre, film, television and radio. In 2015 he co-created crime-drama series Farr, with writer/director Aidan Largey, which premiered on the international RTE player. To date, Farr has won five international awards from major web-pilot festivals in Europe and America, including Best Drama at Seriesfest Colorado andITVfest Denver, and two Best Actor awards for Shaun’s performance of the character Michael Gallagher. Farr is currently in development for a major series release. Other television credits include Game of Thrones (HBO), The Frankenstein Chronicles (ITVencore), The Lodge(The Disney Channel), Betrayal of Trust (BBCNI), and Dani’s Castle (CBBC). Film credits include Halo: Nightfall (Scottfree), The Butchering (What’s Next films) and Made in Belfast (KGB) to name but a few.
PQA Studios, 242 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross London, N1 9JY

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Please note, that if we are unable to deliver face to face classes due to COVID-19,  you can either get a refund for all classes that we are unable to deliver or you can access our online courses.

There are many disciplines in the world of acting. Among the most challenging and yet rewarding is that of acting on screen. Acting in front of a lens, is a polar shift from treading the boards. The intensity and pressure to perform can feel overwhelming.

“The quality of your acting is dependent on the strength of your listening.” (Alan Rickman).

In this term’s course, you will be exploring the text in the scripts in more detail. Participants will gain a greater control in performance and filming scenes will ultimately becomes a more enjoyable experience.

We will ease you in to screen acting, teaching you how to perform dynamically and truthfully in front of the camera working on a variety of scenes taken from well known television  programmes and films. You will learn to develop character backstories, perform emotional scenes with a focus on active listening, learning to break down texts within scripts and to work out the narrative beats of the scene and the character’s wants and subtext. 

This will be an active course with a range of activities and the opportunity to get on camera and evaluate your performance through playback each week. Although you’ll be working hard, you can expect lots of laughs and fun! This is a not-to-be-missed course for anyone interested in acting in TV and film.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn to deliver an honest, engaging, emotional and eye catching performance for film and television.
  • What makes a scene compelling? Learn how to approach text and mine information from it.
  • How to perform on camera.
  • Prepare scenes in class with expert guidance which will be film and edited by the course provider.
  • Perform iconic scenes from award winning films, selected by the teacher to help you get the most out of your acting.