beginners ballet classes in London

Ballet for Beginners Classes

Thursdays: 7:00 pm – 8.00 pm
16th January - 2nd April (12 weeks)
23rd April - 2nd July (11 weeks)
£180 for one course. Book both our Ballet and Contemporary Dance courses and pay £234 (saving 35%!)
Discount is only valid one per person.
PQA, 242 Pentoville Road, N1 9JY – nearest station Kings Cross

Jenny graduated from West Thames in Theatre Arts, from Bucks University in Musical Theatre and from Kent University in Physical Theatre. Her passion for dancing started when she was 3 years old and hasn’t stopped since. She has worked in theatre for the past 7 years where she has extensively worked in various theatre disciplines such as dance performances, operas, choirs, straight plays, physical theatre, Kathak dance, festivals, flash-mobs, films, competitions, company work, and even the 2012 Olympics, along with many other projects.

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Focus, poise, strength! Learn these skills and reap superb health benefits with our beginners Ballet classes. 

During our ballet classes, you will learn basic exercises and steps and learn simple combinations at the barre at slow tempos. Over time you will gain technique competency and learn movement principles. The class will begin with barre work and you will work towards short choreographic phrases.

Barre work – This prepares you for centre work and leaps. It establishes correct posture and placement, it will develop core and leg strength as well as balance, feet articulation and weight transfer skills.  It will also refine your dance technique.  From Barre work, you will move to the centre

Centre work – This will help you develop your technique, learn steps, positions and poses to gain a basic movement vocabulary of ballet. You repeat exercises learnt from the barre and learn steps that develop into dynamic movement combinations.

Adagio – A combination of slow and graceful steps that help develop balance, extension and control. This is also a way or improving your body alignment.

Allegro – 
This will include faster livelier steps including jumps and pirouette preparation.

Though a highly disciplined form of dance, ballet is also a great way of learning to dance in a fun class environment. It has excellent health benefits and can teach you every basic step you need to know to help you move on to other dance styles. 

This course is suitable for beginners and students who would like a refresher course.