Acting for Beginners Classes

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Our Acting for Beginners classes are great for boosting confidence, developing presentation skills and expanding your social life. Whether you just wish to use these classes to engage in a much-loved hobby or whether you wish to use them as a stepping stone to pursuing acting more seriously in the future these beginners acting classes will have something to offer everybody.

The way that our Monday evening classes have been structured is so that you can either choose to do the 6.30pm – 7.45pm course or the 8 pm– 9.15 pm.  Alternatively, you may decide to do both sessions as they will both focus on different aspects. There is a 20% Discount if you sign up for both sessions.


Acting for Beginners (6.30 PM – 7.45 PM)

During our summer term, we will cover all the basics of acting using the umbrella categories – Acting, Voice and movement.

  • Naturalism techniques to feel comfortable acting as individuals and as part of an ensemble
  • Working with industry scripts
  • Learn sight reading techniques
  • Work with Stanislavski techniques to build characters
  • Build confidence creatively
  • Learn Laban techniques within movement
  • Dialect, accent and phonetic methods within voice
  • Understand and use Method Acting and emotion recall to bring truth to characters
  • Devise your own content

This course is specifically catered for those wanting a professional yet accessible route into acting, for those wanting to brush up their skills and those wanting a refresher course as well as absolute beginners.


Acting for Confidence Building (8 PM – 9.15 PM)

Dreading a presentation at work? Public speaking gives you the chills? Feel nervous about going to a party full of strangers? Then this is the course for you!

This course is all about making you feel comfortable in your own skin, be challenged to get ‘out of your head’ and into your body. You will learn:

  • Techniques to steady breathing and root your voice
  • Learn what it means to be ‘on support’ and develop a strong, confident voice
  • Learn how to steady nerves and perform individually and within a supportive group
  • Voice, Acting and Movement techniques to encourage confidence and lose inhibitions
  • Use your voice and body with authority
  • Learn not to ‘censor’ yourself and find confidence in your own ideas

As in the 6.30pm class, we will also cover the umbrella categories – Acting, Movement and Voice but different exercises will be explored so that students who sign up for both sessions won’t be repeating anything from the first session.


Teacher: Caroline Jeyaratnam-Joyner

With a masters in arts in therapy and education, Caroline is an Arts Award moderator and consultant for Trinity Guildhall, an annual reviewer for Stagecoach and an artistic and quality assessor for Arts Council England. Caroline worked for five years as head of participative arts development at Watermans arts centre. She has also been training marginalised groups for eighteen years including the delivery of drama and theatre programmes for Charlton Athletic Race Equality and The Park Theatre. She also works with Spare Tyre as a trainer and performer on their dementia programme.


Course Fees & Dates:

MONDAYS @ 6.30pm – 7.45pm or 8pm – 9.15pm
29th April – 22nd July (11 weeks no classes on 6th or 27th May)

Register your interest here (add to your address book so that e-mails do not go to junk mail)

Sign up for both sessions and there will be a 20% Discount making the cost £286.00



PQA Studios, 242 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross London, N1 9JY