Meet Screen Acting Student: Zoe Cunningham

I interviewed our Screen Acting student Zoe Cunningham to find out what inspired her to do our Screen Acting course and what she enjoys the most about our classes. What is your background? After doing a mathematics degree I got a job in the technology(Read More)

Meet Harrison Rose: Acting Tutor

People call me either Harry or Harrison and I’m a trained actor, with a Masters degree from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I’ve been quite fortunate to have worked on some incredible plays since graduating both on UK Tours and Internationally. I’ve most(Read More)
stage & the city

Stage & the City Student Lands Professional Acting Role

RTE is the national television broadcaster in the Republic of Ireland. Every year they launch a competition called Storyland, open north and south of the border, aimed at giving new and emerging filmmakers an opportunity to create a 20minute pilot web-based drama for their international(Read More)
Shaun Blaney Actor

Meet Shaun Blaney: Screen Acting Tutor

I’ve been acting professionally for twelve years. I learn on the job, working with some of the most amazing actors and directors in theatre and film. I was pretty much raised in the cinema and I love it to bits. Seeing my work up on(Read More)
how to prepare for an acting audition

How to Prepare for an Acting Audition

  Auditioning is an important part of being an actor, and It is a skill that can be perfected with experience. We've listed 4 essential tips on how to prepare for an acting audition so you can walk into your next one with ease.   Understand(Read More)
body positivity in dance

Body Positivity in Dance Education

There’s a widespread notion in the performing arts world that only people with certain body types can be dancers when this simply isn’t true. Anyone can be a dancer if they have talent and have trained, no matter what their size or body shape is.(Read More)
Theatre Etiquette During Emergencies

Theatre Etiquette During Emergencies

Last week, I had the privilege of seeing Shakespeare’s Globe performance of Richard II, directed by Adioa Andoh and Lynette Linton, performed by “the first ever company of women of colour in a Shakespeare play on a major UK stage.” The play took place in(Read More)

Come and ‘Time Warp’ with us!

Fancy yourself as the next Frank-N-Furter? Do you want to jive like Janet Weiss? Stage and the City, the adult branch of the award-winning Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School, is looking to recruit 20 fun-loving men and women to take part in its annual(Read More)

Performing Arts: Why It Can Be a Great Hobby

I've always been fascinated by performing arts since I was a child. I love going to the theatre, it's probably one of my favourite activities to do. I love attending dance shows, and like most people, I love watching singers perform. At school, I loved going(Read More)