Come and ‘Time Warp’ with us!

Fancy yourself as the next Frank-N-Furter? Do you want to jive like Janet Weiss? Stage and the City, the adult branch of the award-winning Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School, is looking to recruit 20 fun-loving men and women to take part in its annual(Read More)

Performing Arts: Why It Can Be a Great Hobby

I've always been fascinated by performing arts since I was a child. I love going to the theatre, it's probably one of my favourite activities to do. I love attending dance shows, and like most people, I love watching singers perform. At school, I loved going(Read More)
Mark short Stage & the city

Twirl Your Way into 2019

  At this time of year, people are looking to try something different. When it comes to dancing it's about exploring new dance styles whether it be for weight loss, exercise and fitness or just a new years resolution to try something different. The “New(Read More)
Stage acting vs theatre acting

Stage vs Screen Acting: What Are the Differences?

  1) Voice When acting on stage, performers need to project their voice so that the entire audience can hear what is being said clearly. Screen acting does not require actors to project their voice because they are acting in front of a camera. The(Read More)

Ballet, Not Just for Rugby Players

  Having a somewhat respected reputation as a theatre school founder, and having helped nurture the careers of many of our performers it is probably of little surprise that I keep the fact that I was expelled from ballet class at the age of 4(Read More)

Audition Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

  Do you want to know how to execute an audition perfectly? We’ve listed the do’s and don’ts for audition etiquette, to make sure you know how to nail it the next time you step into an audition room! Do Have great communication skills. Respond(Read More)
Overcome stage fright with these 4 tips

Overcome stage fright with these 4 tips

Even the most confident people suffer from stage fright from time to time. It’s normal to be nervous. But sometimes stage fright can completely ruin a performance. Whether you’re a dancer, singer or actor, learning how to overcome stage fright is vital if you want(Read More)
Musical Theatre Company - Stage & the City

Inside Our Musical Theatre Company Rehearsals

Ever since I heard that Stage & the City would be starting a new Musical Theatre Company I've been ecstatic. Knowing how fabulous our current Dance Company is, I knew that our new Musical Theatre Company would be equally as talented. Anyone that wished to(Read More)