Stage & the City Destination Dance

Our Dance Company Win at Destination Dance 2017

Destination Dance is a dance competition which was founded by dancer Mandy Montanez, where dance schools from all over the UK can compete for trophies and various other prizes. The competition is originally from America and has entrants from all across Europe. The event is(Read More)
Dancing is great for fitness

Why Dancing is Great for Fitness

    Are you looking for a fun and exciting form of exercise that keeps you motivated? Are you tired of going to the gym and using the same equipment week after week? If you're sick of your exercise routine feeling like a chore, dance classes(Read More)
Motivation Quotes from Musicals

10 Motivational Quotes from Musicals

A great musical has the ability to make even the most miserable of people smile. There's nothing quite like actors randomly bursting into song and dance to cheer you up and put you in a great mood. Here are some of my favourite motivational quotes from some(Read More)
How to become a TV extra

How to Become a TV extra

Have you always dreamed of appearing on TV or film? You might be a trained actor, you might be thinking about taking acting classes, you might not even want to be an actor at all; but being a TV extra can be a fun way(Read More)
Friends Fest

Win a pair of tickets to FriendsFest

We have some exciting news for all of the self-confessed Friends fanatics out there! Comedy Central UK’s award-winning Friendsfest is back and it’s bigger and better than ever! To celebrate, we have decided to give away free tickets to this event on the 17th and 23rd September. This year's event(Read More)
Acting tips for beginners

6 Acting Tips for Beginners

Becoming an actor can take a lot of time and effort. Even if you’re a naturally gifted performer, it’s still important to work on your skills and to seek guidance professional guidance. We’ll focus on the importance of taking acting classes, the importance of having(Read More)
acting classes can improve confidence in adults

How Acting Classes Can Improve Confidence in Adults

[metaslider id=148] If you want to find out how acting classes can improve confidence in adults you've come to the right place! Confidence is essential in order for people to be able to take on challenges in life. The more confidence you have, the more(Read More)