Meet Our Company Coordinator and Tutor: Harveen Mann

Harveen Mann

Harveen Mann - Stage & the City Tutor


I’m Harveen and I am the Company Co-ordinator at Stage and the City. Although I have only been in this job for 3 months, I have been teaching for the company and the Anna Fiorentini School for a couple of years and LOVE IT!

My Background is Musical Theatre. I trained at the Royal Academy of Music and have been lucky enough to have performed in some great shows over the years. A couple of which have been in the West End. Over the years I have developed a real love of arts administration which has led me to build my creative relationship with Anna Fiorentini.

My role at Stage and the City includes being a full-time teacher where I teach Musical Theatre, Screen Acting and soon to be the Musical Theatre Company. Alongside managing the day to day running of the company with Anna. Preparation of shows plays a key role in my job and that includes overall diary managing, rehearsal schedules, ticket promoting and production meetings. I also have to build and maintain a good relationship with all of the students and staff and do my best to make sure that everybody is happy!

Being a Company Coordinator can at times be stressful as there is a lot to oversea but most of the time it’s one of the most rewarding jobs around…..when you see everything come together. After all….”There’s no business like show business”